Time: 09:00 – 19:00
Venue: School of Business and Economics, Sir Richard Morris Building, Central Park (Campus Map)

Register: please email Ruth at


This workshop will feature 14 papers from the DFID-ESRC research project – ‘Delivering Inclusive Financial Development and Growth’. In addition, this workshop is specially dedicated to a member of the research team of the project – Professor Christopher J. Green (Loughborough University). We are coming together not only to share our preliminary research findings but also to celebrate the life-long contributions of Professor Green to economics and finance. We also use this opportunity to pay tribute to his exceptional mentorship of researchers both through his university academic career as well as his active involvement in teaching and research capacity building dimensions of the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC). Indeed, the keynote speaker at this workshop is Prof Njuguna Ndung'u, Executive Director of the African Economic Research Consortium, who is at the same time a member of the International Advisory Group for the research project.