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Professor Reinhard Bachmann

Professor of International Management

Reinhard Bachmann is co-investigator on the ESRC-DFID Project (ES/N013344/2): Delivering Inclusive Financial Development and Growth. His research focuses on issues of Strategic Management, Organisational Analysis and Comparative Management. Specifically, the role of social mechanisms (trust, power etc.) and societal influences (institutional arrangements, cultural traditions) on the structure and strategic organisation of business relationships are emphasised in his work. He is the founding Director of Centre for Trust Research (CTR).  

Professor Pasquale Scaramozzino

Professor of Economics, SOAS

Pasquale Scaramozzino is Professor of Economics in the School of Finance and Management at SOAS University of London. He has taught at the University of Bristol, University College London and Università di Roma Tor Vergata. He received a Laurea in Scienze Statistiche ed Economiche from Università di Roma La Sapienza, and an MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics and a PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics. He has published in a number of academic journals including Economica, Economic Journal, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Population Economics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Oxford Economic Papers, Oxford Review of Economic Policy and World Economy. His current research interests include financial economics, comparative economics and applied econometrics.

Professor Ciaran Driver

Professor of Financial Economics, SOAS

Ciaran Driver's research interests are capital investment, industrial economics, innovation and corporate governance on which he has published widely. He has held visiting posts at the Australian National University and Stellenbosch University, has been attached to several global business schools, and has advised UK and international public bodies on capital investment policies. Recent projects include a study of UK dividend behaviour; and South African business survey forecasts. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and a Trustee of the New Economics Foundation.

Professor Gerhard Kling

Professor of International Business and Management
Head of the Doctoral Programme in School of Finance and Management, SOAS

Before joining SOAS, Gerhard Kling was Professor of Finance at the School of Management, University of Southampton. He held academic posts at Bristol Business School and Utrecht University. He worked as a Practice Specialist in Corporate Finance at McKinsey & Company, where he mainly focused on firm valuation and M&As. He received his PhD in economics from the University of Tuebingen and was awarded the Dissertation Prize of the International Economic History Association. He has published in the British Journal of Management, International Journal of Research in Marketing and R&D Management. His current research focuses on M&A, internationalisation, corporate governance and corporate finance.

Professor Laixiang Sun

Research Professor of Chinese Business and Management

Laixiang Sun is a Professor in the Department of Geographical Sciences, UMD, University of Maryland. He was Head of School of Finance and Management at SOAS University of London between 2004-2005, and 2008-2012. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (UK). He received his PhD in Economics from Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague, The Netherlands, and a holder of Fellowship of Dutch Government. He has produced more than 140 research publications in regional sciences and regional economics, environmental sciences and management, business and management studies, integrated modelling, and ecological economics. He has been a principal investigator or leading scientist in a number of research projects sponsored by the EU; British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society, ESRC, and Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the UK; Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Natural Sciences Foundation, and Ministry of Education in China. He has taught more than 20 different courses in universities in China, the Netherlands, Finland, the UK, and the USA spanning from systems analysis, economics, econometrics, calculus to corporate governance and international business studies.

Professor Chris Adcock

Professor of Quantitative Finance, SOAS

Before joining SOAS, Chris Adcock was Professor of Financial Econometrics at the University of Sheffield. Sometime visiting Professor at the Universities of Durham, Southampton and Minho. His research interests are in portfolio selection, asset pricing theory and the development of quantitative techniques for portfolio management. He has acted as advisor to several international investment managers. He is founding editor of The European Journal of Finance. He has been as associate editor of several finance journals and Series C and D of the Journals of the Royal Statistical Society. His current research projects are in portfolio performance measurement, portfolio selection, skewness and option returns, with collaborations with universities in the UK, the European Union and China.


Dr Ulrich Volz

Head of the Department of Economics, SOAS
Reader in Economics

Ulrich Volz is also a Senior Research Fellow at the German Development Institute and Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Leipzig. Ulrich serves as a member of the Advisory Council of the Asian Development Bank Institute in Tokyo, chairman of the Japan Economy Network, and co-editor-in-chief of the Asia Europe Journal. Ulrich is a lead author of a recent report commissioned by UN Environment on Climate Change and the Cost of Capital in Developing Countries and co-editor of the Routledge Handbook of Banking and Finance in Asia. He is currently a Co-Investigator in a collaborative research project with Nankai University and Zhejiang University on “Developing financial systems to support sustainable growth in China – The role of innovation, diversity and financial regulation” which is jointly funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Ulrich was the 2017 Banque de France Chair at EHESS in Paris. He also taught at Peking University, Kobe University, Hertie School of Governance, Freie Universität Berlin, Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing, and the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE-JETRO) in Tokyo. He has spent stints working at the European Central Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and held visiting positions at the University of Oxford, University of Birmingham, ECB, Bank Indonesia, and Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo. He was also a Fox International Fellow and Max Kade Scholar at Yale University. Ulrich has been an adviser to the UN Environment Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System and several central banks, international organisations and development agencies.

Nissanke -Photo.jpg

Professor Machiko Nissanke

Emeritus Professor of Economics, SOAS

Machiko Nissanke is Emeritus Professor of Economics at SOAS, University of London, where she taught graduate courses in financial and international economics for 1993-2015. She previously worked at University of Oxford, University College London and Birkbeck College. In Oxford, she was Research Fellow of Nuffield College and Senior Associate Member of St Antony’s College. She was also Research Fellow at Overseas Development Institute in early 1990s. She published extensively on finance and development; international trade and finance; globalisation and impacts on inequality and poverty; debt dynamics and macroeconomic management; institutional economics; comparative studies of Asia and Africa. Her articles appeared in numerous international academic journals, books, conference volumes. She published 14 book, including:  The Impact of Globalization on the World’s Poor: Transmission Mechanisms, ed. with E. Thorbecke, Palgrave, 2006; Commodities, Governance and Economic Development Under Globalization, ed. with G. Mavrotas, Palgrave, 2010; The Poor under Globalization in Asia, Latin America and Africa ed. with E. Thorbecke, OUP, 2010; Aid as Handmaiden for the Development of Institutions, ed. with Y. Shimomura, Palgrave, 2013; Poverty Reduction in the Course of African Development, eds with M. Ndoro, OUP 2017; and The Palgrave Handbook of Development Economics: Critical Reflections on Globalization and Development, edited with Jose Antonio Ocampo, 2019. She has served as consultant/advisor to various international organisations, government agencies and research networks, and directed several major global research programmes.

Professor Bassam Fattouh

Professor in Finance and Management for the Middle East

Bassam Fattouh specialises in international oil pricing systems, OPEC pricing power, security of Middle Eastern oil supplies, and the dynamics of oil prices and oil price differentials. He has published a variety of articles on oil and gas topics and his publications have appeared in academic and professional journals. He served as a member of an independent expert group established to provide recommendations to the 12th International Energy Forum (IEF) Ministerial Meeting for strengthening the architecture of the producer-consumer dialogue through the IEF. He also acts as an adviser to governments and industry, and is a regular speaker at international conferences. His research focus is on aspects of the international oil pricing system such as the relationship between the futures market and spot market, the relationship between OPEC and the market, the causes of oil price volatility and the dynamics of oil price differentials. He also focuses his research on the IOC-NOC relationship and its implications for investment behaviour. He has a strong background in the economic environment of the Middle East. He is also the Director of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.  

Professor Hong Bo

Professor in Financial Economics, SOAS

Hong Bo is Professor in Financial Economics at School of Finance & Management, SOAS University of London. She is a research associate of the Centre for East Asia Macro-Economic Studies, University of Hagen, Germany. Hong Bo received her degrees in Economics from Lanzhou University (BA); Renmin University of China (MSc); London School of Economics and Political Science, UK (MSc.); and University of Groningen, the Netherlands (PhD). Before joining SOAS in 2004, she was an assistant professor at Faculty of Economics, University of Groningen. Her research covers topics in financial economics, including firm investment decisions under uncertainty, capital market imperfections, comparative financial systems, corporate finance, corporate governance, and the Chinese economy. She has published more than 20 articles in internationally well-recognized academic journals, including Journal of Corporate Finance, Review of Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Economica, Regional Studies, European Journal of Finance, and International Review of Financial Analysis, etc..

Dr Federico Mucciarelli

Reader in Financial Law, SOAS

Dr Yoshikatsu Shinozawa

Senior Lecturer in Financial Studies
Research Coordinator, SOAS

Yoshikatsu received his Ph.D. with specialisations in financial institutions and organisational form, from the University of Nottingham.  He also holds an M.B.A from the London Business School. He was formerly a lecturer in corporate finance in Loughborough University and taught various undergraduate and post-graduate modules in the area of finance.  Prior to academia, Yoshikatsu lived and worked in Tokyo and London for nine years where he was a fund manager in a Japanese asset management firm. His main research interests lie in asset management firms and their products. Recently he has developed a special interest in the areas of corporate governance, and the banking industry in Japan. His research topics in these areas have attracted grants from the Japan Foundation Endowment Committee (UK) and the British Academy.  His works resulted in publications in journals such as Corporate Governance: An International Review, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, and Journal of Management Studies.

Dr Alberto Asquer

Senior Lecturer of Public Policy and Management, SOAS

Alberto Asquer holds a degree in Economics and a research doctorate in Italy, where he also qualified and worked as chartered accountant. He also holds a MSc in Management and a PhD on regulation of infrastructure and utilities from the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research interests are primarily in the fields of public management and public financial management, with a specific focus on areas such as strategy, innovation, organisational change, and public-private partnerships. He is also interested in the relationship between complexity and public policy. His recent works include the books Public Sector Management (with Norman Flynn, SAGE, 2017) Public Sector Revenue (Routledge, 2017), and Regulation of Infrastructure and Utilities (Palgrave, 2018). He published research articles in journals such as Public Management Review, Governance, International Public Management Journal, Water Resources Management, and Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics.

Fareda Banda Profile pic.jpg

Professor Fareda Banda

Professor of Law & Chair, Centre of African Studies, SOAS

Fareda Banda’s research interests include women’s rights, family law, and, more recently, religion. She has extensive experience in teaching English Family law, Human rights of women and Law and Society. She has also contributed to various courses including Alternative Dispute Resolution, Law and Development, Law and Development in Africa and Legal Systems of Asia and Africa.  

Fareda sits on nine academic journal boards. She has been commissioned to produce reports on various topics for agencies including the United Nations, GTZ, the Ministry of Justice (formerly Lord Chancellor’s Department) and Minority Rights Group. Fareda has advised the government of Namibia on law reform and drafted a Law Reform Plan. She has been an election observer for the Carter Centre. She believes strongly in the importance of working with civil society organizations and has been a trustee of Womankind Worldwide and FORWARD. She is currently on Human Rights Watch policy committee as well as the advisory committee of Human Rights Watch Africa. She is also on the advisory council of Women’s Link Worldwide. Fareda has participated in many expert group meetings on topics including children’s rights, women’s rights, development, water and family law. She has peer reviewed and contributed to the output of several organisations including Centre for Reproductive Rights, Equality Now, the World Bank, The African Commission, FORWARD, NORAD, Danish Institute for Human Rights, WLSA and Women's Link Worldwide. Fareda has also assisted Amnesty International, the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, Interights, Forum for Marriage, local authorities. She has  provided expert opinions for use in courts.

Fareda Banda holds two law degrees from the University of Zimbabwe where she won the University book prize for graduating in the top three. She was awarded a Beit Fellowship to Oxford University and a Livingstone Scholarship to Cambridge. She took the Beit and went to Oxford where she was elected President of the graduates of her College and completed her doctorate on access to justice for women within three years.  Thereafter, she worked for the Law Commission of England and Wales before being awarded a Leverhulme Special Research Fellowship which enabled her to return to Oxford as a post-doctoral research fellow.

Dr Maurizio Fiaschetti

Lecturer in Banking and Finance, SOAS

Maurizio Fiaschetti is the academic director of the MSc in Finance (major: Banking). Before joining SOAS University of London he held academic positions at Oxford University, and at Universita’ di Roma – Tor Vergata. Previously he held research positions at Fondazione Manlio Masi and at Consorzio PattiChiari (Italian Bankers Association) focusing on the enforcement mechanisms of the EU financial regulation and on the internationalisation of the Italian SMEs. He was also an external advisor for the Italian National Institute on a due diligence process regarding the international best practices to calculate inflation. His research interests are focused on applied econometrics, banking and economic geography. His papers have been published in world’s leading journals such as the Journal of Economic Geography and Games and Economic Behaviour.

Dr Tolulola Lawal

Lecturer in Accounting, SOAS

Dr Damian Tobin

Lecturer in Management, CUBS

Dr Damian Tobin is Lecturer in Management at Cork University Business School (CUBS). His research focuses on the history of the banking and oil sectors with a special focus on Hong Kong's Chinese banks and the relationship between  national oil companies and the environment; currency internationalisation; and the reform of state institutions. He is currently working on an ESRC/NSF funded project “Developing financial systems to support sustainable growth in China – The role of innovation, diversity and financial regulation” (2017-2020).

His articles have appeared in such journals as Business History, World Development, Corporate Governance: An International Review and the Journal of Contemporary Asia as well as in broader media outlets such as the BBC, Newsweek and The Conversation. He has significant experience in providing economic policy briefings for international corporations, governments, think-tanks and advisory firms. He is a graduate of the University of Limerick (MBS Economics) and holds a doctorate in Finance and Management from the University of London.