Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Growth

Date: 20 July 2018
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Venue: Room A2, the Academy Building, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Type of Event: workshop

This workshop is part of the ESRC-DFID Project (ES/N013344/2) - Delivering Inclusive Financial Development and Growth. It is co-organised and hosted by University of Groningen.

Topics presented at the workshop include:

  1. Capital Flows and Productivity in Africa: The Angel is in the Details

  2. Lessons from Emerging Economies for African Low Income Countries on Managing Capital Flows

  3. Increasing uptake of index insurance by delaying premium payments and marketing via social groups

  4. Mobile Money, Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth: A Cross Country Analysis with Specific Focus on Africa

  5. How Does Financial Inclusion Affect Economic Growth, Income Inequality and Poverty?