Research Impact

The research activities of the Centre for Global Finance (CGF) at SOAS University of London, are designed to resonate with public policy and private sector practice, from three ongoing research projects and programmes:


1. The research project on ‘delivering inclusive financial development and growth’, funded by DFID and ESRC, research grant ESRC Reference: ES/N013344/2


2. The research project on ‘China's financial system towards sustainable growth: The role of innovation, diversity and financial regulation’, funded by ESRC and NSFC,
research grant ESRC Reference: ES/P005241/1


3. The research programme on ‘mega trends on global finance’, funded by the AXA Research Fund, under the AXA Chair in Global Finance at SOAS University of London.

The insights generated by the research are relevant to multiple stakeholders, including government and donor officials, private sector decision makers, NGOs, and Civil Society. The research activities are designed to ensure projects achieves the maximum level of impact. 

We strive to embed impact, engage key audiences and identify beneficiaries during our project design and implementation.  The project teams ensure that the design and objectives of the research activities are firmly grounded in the requirements of its intended beneficiaries; this is essential to delivering impact.

The CGF Advisory Board has been appointed and will help to ensure the research activities are designed to deliver maximum impact. The Board also act as an impartial source of guidance during the research projects and programmes, especially to ensure the areas of enquiry remain focused on generating insights that are likely to have the greatest benefit for local societies, stakeholders, and the global community.

Impact case study (REF3b) from REF2014


The research activities of the CGF are a natural extension of previous research work by Professor Victor Murinde, the Director of CGF, and his research networks worldwide. The impact of the research was well reflected in a previous Impact Case Study, under the UK Research Excellence Framework in 2014 (REF2014) on ‘Shaping banking regulatory reforms in Africa’.

In summary, the development and introduction of a new international regulatory framework for banking and financial markets (known as Basel III) following the 2007/8 financial crisis has been challenging for all parties.  As stated in our Impact Case Study for REF2014, our research has helped shape the response to Basel III by banking and stock market regulators in Africa. In particular, this work has enhanced the competitiveness of the financial services sector underpinned the articulation of the African voice on the transition to Basel III as expressed at the G20 Summit in Seoul in 2010; and directly enhanced the skills and knowledge of stock exchange regulators.