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FinTech, Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Growth

  • SOAS University of London (map)

The financial technology (FinTech) revolution is in full swing. Indeed, it is one of the mega trends in global finance today. FinTech is revolutionising the role of financial institutions, the behaviour of financial markets and the scope of financial instruments in developing as well as developed economies. It is transforming our daily economic activity such as sending and receiving money, paying bills, reshaping business models, facilitating financial inclusion and driving regulatory changes. However, there are so many serious gaps in knowledge that require urgent attention. For example, existing literature has not identified the crucial country characteristics which facilitate the use of FinTech: Why is the diffusion of FinTech high in some countries and very low in others?  In addition, notwithstanding the fact that the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the G20 High-Level Principles for Digital Financial Inclusion highlight the importance of harnessing the potential of FinTech to reduce financial exclusion and promote inclusive growth, current research does not explain HOW FinTech affects financial inclusion and sustainable economic development (SED). For instance, how does FinTech support the growth of private sector in developing countries, or empower women through financial inclusion, or promote financial literacy, trust and confidence?

The SOAS Centre for Global Finance Conference 2019 features new research findings on the above issues, contained in slightly over 30 research papers, over two days (6-7 September).

For example, some studies will introduce new methodologies that can be used to analyse interbank market networks and how they affect monetary policy and bank regulation; some research will provide analysis of governance quality and explain how it affects soundness of the financial sector.

The conference brings together key stakeholders who have important roles to play in shaping new research findings, paving new policy directions, and initiating innovative practices in the areas of FinTech, financial inclusion and sustainable economic development. Specifically, participants from the banking industry, private sector practitioners, financial sector regulators and fellow researchers will question our new research findings in the light of the main pressing issues in Africa and globally.

Join this conference to gain exceptional insights into new research findings relating to FinTech, financial inclusion and sustainable growth, and share your ideas with world-class experts.

This event is free to attend, please contact Dr Meng Xie at to register.

The papers, included in the conference programme, reflect ongoing research from three live projects: The research project on “Delivering Inclusive Financial Development and Growth”, supported by DFID and ESRC under the DEGRP Call 3 Programme (Grant No. ES/N013344/2); the research project on “Developing financial systems to support sustainable growth in China – The role of innovation, diversity and financial regulation”, supported by the ESRC and NSFC (Grant No. ES/P005241/1); and the AXA Research Programme on “Mega Trends in Global Finance”, under the endowment by the AXA Research Fund of the AXA Chair in Global Finance at SOAS University of London.