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Financial Inclusion and Risk Management for Agricultural Development

Financial Inclusion and Risk Management for Agricultural Development

The workshop focused on two main objectives:

  1. Training on Financial Inclusion and Agriculture Development

  2. Training on Financial Risk Management

Conveners and Resource Persons

Professor Robert Lensink; Professor of Finance and Development; University of Groningen and Wageningen University. Team Leader project: “Information transparency system as a lowcost scalable solution to farmers' access to credit and services.” Email:

Professor Victor Murinde; AXA Professor in Global Finance & Director, Centre for Global Finance; School of Finance and Management; SOAS University of London; PI for the ESRC Ref. ES/N013344/2 research project on ‘Delivering Inclusive Financial Development and Growth; email:

Professor Issouf SOUMARÉ, Professor of Finance; Director of the Laboratory for Financial Engineering of Laval University (, Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate, Faculty of Business Administration; Canada; Email :

The trainings particularlly drew on insights and findings from three related research projects

  • DFID-ESRC: Delivering inclusive financial development and growth

  • ESRC-NSCF: China financial system and inclusive finance

  • AXA Chair in Global finance: Avoiding risks by updating our understanding of today's mega trends

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