PhD Scholarships and Supports


We provide PhD Scholarships that are designed to support the research of the AXA Chair in Global Finance - Professor Victor Murinde, in the School of Finance and Management, at SOAS University of London.


We also support our PhD students to participate in a full range of workshops, conferences and other training programmes.

Ms Maryam Sholevar will tell you about her successful experience at the Summer School of Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Growth. READ HERE

CGF PhD Scholarship Holder


Ms Maryam Sholevar   (2017/2018)


Maryam Sholevar has both academic and business experiences over a broad range of topics in the realm of banking and finance. She holds a BSc in Natural Resources and an MBA, during which she focused on analysing the customer loyalty. Before joining SOAS Centre for Global Finance under the AXA Chair PhD Scholarship (2017/2018), she worked as a lecturer in Jimma University where she received several awards of appreciation for her novel teaching methods.

She is under supervision of Laurence Harris, Christine Oughton and Victor Murinde. Her research has an emphasis on understanding the impact of financial literacy on strengthening Financial Inclusion (FI) in low-income countries.